Poway, CA Homes for Sale

April 19, 2010

Situated in San Diego County, California, Poway is a city with a unique blend of an urban charisma and countryside natural flavor. The economy of this city strives manly upon agriculture, manufacturing, retail trade, waste management, scientific research, and tourism. Poway is a fast developing region when compared to the adjacent cities of California. This is a carefully planned city, which aims to promote swift growth and expansion. Poway has an ideal climate with cool winters and warm, pleasant summers. The educational standard of this city is also noteworthy. It has got one of the best schools in the country.

Transportation and communication make Poway desirable to many individuals. Neat roadways are constructed, which facilitates car users, bikers, hikers, pedestrians, and even horse riders. Traffic congestion is completely absent in Poway. In fact, Poway is a quiet city with a well-maintained infrastructure and all kinds of modern amenities. The absence of bustling streets, crowded localities, and pollution make it one of the best places to live.

Poway CA homes are varied in type. Countless options of well-located homes can be found in here. Options would include auction homes, town homes, small and large apartments, condos, pre-foreclosures, resale houses, newly constructed houses, and so on. Poway real estate also lists some of the fantastic leisure homes. These are complete with good quality amenities and have excellent surroundings to liven up your mood. Choose from ranch houses, farmhouses, vacation homes, luxury homes, or waterfront homes just to name a few of the options.

The communities in Poway, CA are very sociable. Residents of all age groups have their fun time in various public shows and hangout spots. There are a number of amusement parks, jogging tracts, restaurants, eateries, stores, and other public recreational areas incorporated in almost each of these neighborhoods. Complete privacy is provided to the homes in this place. Some of the affluent neighborhoods of this city are Cardiff, Del Mar, Alpine, Carlsbad, Escondido, Crest, Borrego Springs, and a few more. The prices of Poway CA homes for sale in these neighborhoods vary according to the size and location of the homes.

For high quality living you should definitely go for Poway, CA homes. Though the overall home value index of Poway, CA has increased by about 3.6%, the prices are still within the affordable limits. The median price of homes listed under foreclosure processes is around $440,800. Currently more than 200 homes are available according to Poway, CA real estate reports. Poway, CA is basically a safe place to live as criminal activities rarely take place in this city. Get in touch with an expert realtor who will help you to find the best home according to your specifications.


Find the Right Poway, CA Home

April 19, 2010

Purchasing Poway, CA homes can certainly become a lot easier if you have an able realtor by your side. While the process of selecting the right residence from amongst the wide variety of Poway, CA homes for sale might seem to be easy at first, you will soon find that the entire procedure is far from being a cakewalk. The legalities involved as well as your credit score plays a major role and you can safely entrust your real estate agent to shoulder a majority of the responsibility until you get to move into your brand new Poway CA home.

You also need to familiarize yourself with the various mortgage rates as well as the coveted areas of the region. Looking for a family house close to the urban amenities as well as established educational institutions may help you especially if you are looking forward to raising a family in Poway, CA. Finding out the right lender or a financial institution that provides loans for purchasing houses is imperative as well. Your realtor can also help you in this by providing you with all the pertinent details.

You will many choices when it comes to selecting the right house in the area. From magnificent high end villas to simple family homes and vacation condos, the city of Poway has it all. All you need is to assess your requirements and find a home for yourself within your budgetary means.

Homes in San Diego for Sale

March 8, 2010

Moving into your home of choice in San Diego can help you achieve the dream of your lifetime. You are certain to be tempted to purchase a property in the beautiful neighborhoods of the region once you take a look at the list of beautiful Homes in San Diego. With old and traditional houses that seem to be steeped in history to the modern edifices of living, you are likely to find almost every kind of home suitable for leading an urban existence.

Ranch style Poway CA homes as well as sprawling farm houses are unique features of the area, and you are likely to be charmed by the natural beauty of Southern California. The blend of the rural with the urban amenities has an irresistible attraction that you will find hard to resist. The metropolitan area in close proximity of the wide open space is yet another factor that draws in people from all over the state. Moving in after purchasing one of the Poway CA homes for sale will help you to enjoy the nature while traipsing through the beautiful trails and paths of the area.

Luxury homes with a view of the twin peaks are in high demand at an average listing price of $350,000 irrespective of the ups and downs of the real estate market scenario. While most families are likely to opt for the modern town homes or condominiums, the Hollywood and sports celebrities prefer living amidst the serene surroundings of the small laid back town of Poway. The thriving cities of San Diego, Los Angeles and Riverside with their numerous shopping centers and recreational facilities along with job prospects are within easy commuting distance making the town of Poway a wise choice for taking up residence as well.

It is always best to seek the services of a reputed realtor once you decide to buy property in San Diego and the adjoining area. Opting for foreclosed San Diego homes will seem like an attractive proposition as well. Attending the foreclosure auctions will undoubtedly help you to obtain your coveted home at an inordinately low price, but you need to be careful about going through every detail of the deal as well. This is exactly where your real estate agent will be able to help you out by pointing out the pros and cons of each and every property be it luxury homes, family homes or land for investment. You will find most of the local real estate agents friendly and open to suggestions while providing you with assistance at every step of the way as you get ready to tour the Homes in San Diego for Sale before finally moving into your dream home.

The basics of short sales

March 8, 2010

When owners can no longer afford to keep making mortgage payments, a short sale is an alternative they can take to bankruptcy or foreclosure proceedings. A short sale is when a seller’s lender is accepting a discounted payoff to release their existing mortgage. This means the lender is accepting less than the total amount due on the property.

When it comes to short sales buyers, sellers and lenders should proceed with caution.

First, not all lenders will accept shot sales of discounted payoffs. This is especially the case if it would be a wiser financial decision to foreclose. Overall, for lenders a short sale in the mortgage world amounts to an accommodation on their part in hopes of avoiding or mitigating an impending loss. The lender will consider many factors when deciding if a short sale is fitting including determining whether the seller is deserving of a break, due to financial hardship caused by unforeseen circumstances such as layoffs, divorce or illness and determining whether it would be cheaper to simply repossess the house, make any necessary repairs and sell it through a real estate agent.

In addition to the obstacles of lenders, not all sellers or all properties qualify for short sales.

This is also why buyers should proceed with caution.

In general, buyers usually pursue short sales to get a good deal. Prices of short sale homes often seem too good to be true for buyers and the process of buying a short sale home is often long and complicated. That is why it is important to enlist the help of a real estate agent. It’s not as simple as you may believe, and very few short sale homes close in 30 days or less.

In fact, in some real estate markets fewer than one in 10 short sales close. Just because a property is listed as a short sale doesn’t’ mean that it’s really for sale because the terms of the sale are subject to the lenders approval. Also, it doesn’t mean that the property will sell at the advertised price or that the lender will even accept your offer, even if the seller does.

If you are considering buying or selling a short sale home in the San Diego area, real estate agent Myles Weisman can help you figure the ins and outs of the process.

A short sale listing featured on his website www.homesforsaleinsandiego.com is a three bedroom, two bathroom home located in west Rancho Penasquitos, California. It features a private courtyard, a remodeled kitchen and master bathroom, a new roof and a sunroom.
If you’re interested in buying this short sale home contact Myles today.

Featured neighborhoods in San Diego, California

March 8, 2010

If you are looking to relocate, San Diego could be the place for you. With a variety of neighborhoods to suit every need, San Diego also offers a variety of real estate options to suit every pocketbook.


One of the oldest neighborhoods but newest hot spots to live in San Diego is Downtown. This neighborhood has recently undergone some drastic changes, and where old, rundown buildings once stood, over 12,000 new or in progress housing units can now be seen. Also featuring new and old restaurants, bars, shops and theaters, Downtown is once again becoming the hip center of San Diego.

Downtown area real estate is rapidly growing and expanding, flourishing with new apartments and condos. As upscale hotels, condominiums, restaurants, shopping centers and night spots have taken over crumbling, old buildings and crooked neighborhoods, Downtown has continued to grow and fill up with people looking for the excitement of living in the epicenter of San Diego.
Recently improved and expanded with almost any amenity desired within walking distance, Downtown San Diego offers many neighborhoods that could be perfect neighborhood for you. Downtown San Diego neighborhoods include Columbia, Core, Cortex Hill, East Village, Gaslamp Quarter, Horton Plaza, Little Italy, and Marina.

La Jolla:

La Jolla, also called “the Jewel by the Sea,” is a wealthy seaside resort community, occupying seven miles of curving coastline along the Pacific Ocean in Southern California within the northern city limits of San Diego. La Jolla is infamous for its sandy beaches and rocky shorelines and is arguably the most desirable and prestigious neighborhood in San Diego County.
With abundant sunset views, homes in La Jolla are luxurious and diverse often featuring verandas and decks that optimize the grand views this part of San Diego has to offer. La Jolla real estate can range well into the $10 millions but there’s hope for those with a tighter budget who would like to live in this beautiful community in small beach homes and apartments that make living a little more affordable.

Options for neighborhoods in La Jolla include La Jolla Farms, La Jolla Shores, Lower Hermosa, and The Village – all featuring spectacular views and only a short distance to the beach.

Point Loma:

Point Loma is a long peninsula, wrapping around the entrance to San Diego bay with terrain very hilly. Because of the abundance of hills though, many Point Loma homes have fantastic ocean, bay, or canyon views.

Unlike many of the newly developed areas of San Diego, many of the homes in Point Loma are embedded with history with construction dating back to the 1920’s and 1930’s. In fact, 70 percent of Point Loma real estate was built between 1950 and 1980

Point Loma also offers newer, upscale homes in the neighborhoods of Silvergate and La Playa. Point Loma homes are large, many have views, and each home has an individual charm. Most neighborhoods in Point Loma are reminiscent of old military installations and dotted with authentic older homes and authentic lamp posts. For those who can’t afford a historic or newly built house, apartments and condos account for about one third of Point Loma’s housing.

Options of Homes for Sale in San Diego, CA

January 8, 2010

Searching for a home in San Diego, California is not a difficult task as it always offers several options to home buyers. You can easily choose the one that meets your requirement from among the homes available for sale in San Diego. To choose the home that is right for you, you need to focus on three important factors. These are :
• Your budget
• Location of the home
• Any specific features that are of interest to you

When you decide to buy a home in SanDiego the most important factor is the budget you are willing to spend your new home. Once you have an idea of about how much you are willing to spend for purchasing a home you can easily work out the other factors involved in the process of selection of your home in San Diego.

Location of your home is equally important . Usually the price of a home depends on the location. It is essential for you to decide the type of neighborhood that you would like to settle for. However it is quite likely that you may not find a suitable house in that neighborhood or it may not fit your budget. You may need to compromise between the right neighborhood and the right home.

Some of the neighborhoods for consideration in San Diego are:

• Alpine Real Estate
• Bostonia Real Estate
• Campo Real Estate
• Cardiff By The Sea Real Estate
• Cardiff Real Estate
• Chula Vista Real Estate
• Del Mar Real Estate
• El Cajon Real Estate
• Dulzura Real Estate
• Encinitas Real Estate
• Imperial Beach Real Estate

When it comes to the home features, San Diego offers endless varieties. You can choose the number of bedrooms, kind of garage or baths that you would want your dream home to have, or you can also choose the material and the style of the home.

Some of the popular styles of homes in San Diego are: suburban style, classical, dramatic shapes and clean lines, palatial and ornate, colonial revival, practical and open, a blend of native American, or even a Spanish villa.

Buy Homes in San Diego: Find the Right One for You

December 30, 2009

When you are looking to buy a home in San Diego, you will soon discover that it offers several options to suit every need. It is quite easy to zero in on your dream home in San Diego if you bear in mind three vital factors. These factors comprise of the budget that you have in mind, any specification in terms of the interior, materials used to build the house, the style of the house that is of interest to you, and of course the location of your dream house.

The first step that can help you zero in on your dream home in San Diego is determining how much you are willing to pay for what you have in mind. Hence setting the budget is the most crucial part of buying a home in San Diego. Once you have set your budget you can easily work on the other two key factors. You can also check out the auction for the bank foreclosed San Diego homes, which come at a relatively lower price than the market price of homes for sale in San Diego.

The next important factor is the features offered by the homes that are available for sale in San Diego. You can not only choose from the various popular styles such as the Spanish Villa, Suburban, Palatial and the Ornate, Classical, Colonial Revival, and Native American but also choose other specifications such as garage room, number of bed and bathrooms, materials used and such.

The location of a house in San Diego can push up its value and it’s pricing. Some of the popular locations in San Diego are: Cardiff by the sea real estate, Bostonia real estate, Campo real estate, Del Mar real estate, Encinitas real estate, Chula Vista real estate, El Cajon real estate, and Imperial Beach real estate.

Homes for Sale in San Diego, CA are Looking Bright and Sunny

December 30, 2009

San Diego, CA, once rated as America’s Finest City, is one of the booming areas in Southern California. People who buy homes San Diego expect to receive numerous rewards in the years to come. The city has an expansive coastal land, soothing climate and a developed infrastructure. All these make for an evolving real estate market. The real estate economy is thriving and continues to draw attention and is becoming popular with each passing day.

San Diego, CA is situated in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. If one is aware of the current real estate dealings here, they will know that the average listing prices have fallen by almost 3.6%, which shows that the prices of homes in San Diego for sale are affordable for anyone who intends to buy. As per the recent market statistics the number of home sales is constant and has not dropped significantly. The recent survey shows that the market for 3 bedroom properties in San Diego is looking strong.

There are more than nine thousand foreclosed San Diego homes that are up and ready for sale at rock bottom prices. The common question that can arise in the minds of the buyers is what makes San Diego a place for the investors to invest in its properties? San Diego, CA is a place that is encircled by almost 70 miles of breathtaking coastal elegance. San Diego is blessed with beautiful landscapes, which comprises of sprawling desert land and impressive canyons surrounding the region. San Diego, CA has many unique qualities when compared to other places in the United States.

San Diego offers its property buyer’s a large selection of housing options for any price and style. Beach front cottages, contemporary apartments and condominiums and expansive single-family estates constitute the real estate market here. The diversity that is available here in terms of properties further accentuates the fact that homes in San Diego for sale portrays some of the best real estate options in the Southern California vicinity.

Homes that are available here for sale are some of the most expensive ones on the West Coast. Owners of homes that are in close proximity to the Pacific coastal line can demand higher prices when selling their homes. The beachfront mansions that are up for grabs are some of the most magnificent in the area. Homes that are located away from the shores have more affordable price tags. That doesn’t take anything away from these properties, as they will still offer spectacular views of San Diego’s prized possession, its natural landscape.

So what are you waiting for? Buy a home in San Diego to be a part of its beach life and to enjoy the sun, sand, and ocean.

Foreclosed Homes in San Diego, California

December 29, 2009

Are you looking for a home in San Diego, CA? If so, you should consider purchasing a foreclosed home. If you know all about foreclosed homes in San Diego, California, you would sure understand why opting for it is an advantageous option. When you choose a foreclosed home you can save a lot of your money. Foreclosures mean that the homeowner has been unable to repay his debt or mortgage and the lender has foreclosed the home and is now attempting to sell the home to make up for the unpaid debt.

Why would you want to buy one of the foreclosed San Diego homes, simply because it’s affordable. The average price per square foot of new homes was around $258. The median price of new homes was $715,500, while the median price of foreclosed homes was $336,470 for the month of December. So you can understand that whatever your budget is if you invest it in one of the foreclosed San Diego homes you would get a better bargain than purchasing a new home. Foreclosed homes are an advantageous offer for any real estate investor.

Worried about how to find a foreclosed San Diego homes home you like? The best way is to contact a reputed and reliable real estate agent. The agent will have a list of all the foreclosed homes in San Diego, CA. This makes it easy to locate a foreclosed property and start your negotiations. The real estate agent helps you in the negotiations and completion of legalities as well. If you are interested in the foreclosed homes in San Diego, start looking for a property now. The best deals won’t last very long.

Poway, California Real Estate Market Report

December 2, 2009

The Poway, California real estate market suffered a setback during the recession. The market is has been slowly recovering from the recession since April 2009. Be it single homes or condos, Poway real estate property prices are raising. The median market action index in October 2009 was 18.

The statistics of the Poway California real estate market can give a clear view.

As the graph above shows, the average price of a home for sale in Poway, California has been fluctuating over the last two years. The average price of a home for sale was about $1,300,000 in October 2009. This shows an increase in the price by about 4% from that recorded in September 2009 and an increase of about 8.3% from October 2008.

As the graph above shows, the median price of a home for sale in Poway, California has been fluctuating over the last two years. The median price of a home for sale was about $975,000 in October 2009. This shows an increase of 8.3% from the median price recorded in September 2009 and an increase of about 25.8% from October 2008.

As the graph above shows, the average number of days a house in Poway has been on the market has been increasing over the past two years. In October 2009, a house was on the market for 140 days on average. This shows an insignificant percentage change when compared to the average days on market in September 2009 and an increase of 55.6% from October 2008.

As the graph above shows, the number of houses sold in Poway, California in October 2009 was 13 houses. When compared to the number of houses sold in September 2009, there has been an insignificant percentage change in the number of houses sold. This shows a decrease of 35% in the number of houses sold compared to October 2008.